Trialsafe Seminar
Thursday 19 March 2020

Wagga Wagga
New South Wales

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Plenary Speakers

Steph Lunn

NRAG, Jamestown SA

Currently in a branch agronomy and customer service role with NRAG, Jamestown SA. As a former Research Officer with AgXtra SA and NSW, Steph has 5 years full time industry experience in Research and Development.


Delving into the impacts of a serious workplace incident. An intimate presentation exploring the processes and outcomes for the individual, the company and other persons involved.

Mary O'Brien

Mary O'Brien Consulting


Bringing the crucial topic of mental health through spreading awareness, straight-talking and education. All while bridging the gap and being a voice for rural men.

Marliese Heffernan

Active Farmers


Outlining the importance of personal health and the health of employees. Aims to change the stigma and breaking the 'mould' of pushing yourself to the limits at work, poor eating and not doing beneficial exercise.